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Career Pivot Guide

For Recruiters & HR

Confidently create a resume & LinkedIn that sells your expertise




(without the crippling overwhelm, hours of Googling, and the nightmarish “what-do-I-write-about-myself”)

You're looking for that amazing next job title (and let's be real, the salary 💵 that goes with it) BUT...
👉You've been using the same resume bullets for years.
👉Your LinkedIn is the autogenerated format they give.
👉You wrestle with confidence in interviews.
👉You don't invest in your professional development.
That next level of your career isn't going to happen unless you start taking the action needed to get there. 💣
The Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR isn't a magic potion 🧪 but it is the first step in landing that dream job on your way up the ladder.


"After I made those changes you recommended to my LinkedIn and resume, I got an interview and offer! You really did help set my life on a new path."

Associate Consultant, Leadership & Development

"I received an offer for a job with a 15k increase! I'm so excited and couldn't have done it without your help."

Talent Development & Organizational Effectiveness Manager

"I've gotten more interviews/LinkedIn traffic than I ever have after incorporating your tips & templates and am super excited to be starting a new role ($11,500 more!)."

Benefits Administrator

After nearly a decade of professional recruiting on both the agency and corporate side of Fortune 500s (1,300 permanent hires & 11k+ interviews to date), I've taken that knowledge and channeled it into a concise, yet comprehensive guide that teaches you how to market yourself for specifically HR & recruiting roles.


Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR is the ONLY guide of its kind that…

👉Is built for IMMEDIATE implementation
👉Provides specific examples to swipe
👉Teaches how to get noticed
👉Engineers successful career pivots
👉Saves you time with plug & play features

So if you’re ready to finally up level your career while avoiding overwhelm...

Here's how we'll help you get there:

I'M READY! I don't need to read any more.
Section 1


It all starts with a resume that not only speaks to your experience but SELLS it. Here you'll learn how to craft a resume that stands out from the pile. First impressions are everything in a job search. 

Section Highlights:

  • Get Your Resume Noticed
  • Top 10 Metrics-Driven Accomplishments
  • 20 Plug-And-Play Bullets
  • Navigating Unusual Titles
  • Common HR & Recruiting Resume Mistakes
Section 2


You want a polished profile that shows up in searches! Here you'll learn how to develop a LinkedIn presence that will have recruiters reaching out to you. Don't let a poor profile hold you back from your dream job.

Module Highlights:

  • Formula for Headlines That Get You Headhunted
  • Fill-In-The-Blank About Section
  • The One Common Culprit (why you don't have recruiters sliding into your InMail)
  • Comprehensive Checklist (so nothing gets missed)
Section 3


Interviewing is an art. Here you'll learn how to avoid costly mistakes HR & recruiters make, while instilling confidence with preparation. That way, you'll be oozing friendly charm when sitting on the other side of the interview desk.

Module Highlights:

  • Stop The Self Sabotage
  • 15 HR Questions To Prepare For & 15 MORE For Recruiters
  • Costly Common Mistakes
  • NEW 15 L&D Interview Questions
  • Top 3 Lazy Interview Questions (and how to answer them)
  • My Tiny Two Secrets to Nailing Every Interview
  • NEW 15 Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Section 4


Changing up your career trajectory can be just as scary as starting it. Here you'll learn how to successfully transition regardless of what stage. Secret: it all starts with mindset.

Section Highlights:

  • Career Pivot Mindset
  • Back On The Market (changing jobs for the first time in years)
  • Fresh Out Of School
  • Breaking Into HR or Recruiting (switching careers)
  • NEW 17 Interview Questions To Look Out for

Here’s what you’re getting when you buy today:

Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR - $37 Value

  • Bonus #1 - Negotiating Top Dollar (A primer on securing a premium salary) - $27 Value
  • Bonus #2 - Application Strategy (Avoid application burnout with a plan) - $17 Value
  • Bonus #3 - UPDATED Career Quickies Q&A (Common questions, glossary & 50 resume power words) - $7 Value
  • Bonus #4 - Automatic Access to Future Editions of Career Pivot Guide - $185 Value

Total Value: $273

But when you purchase today, you’ll get access to everything for:

JUST $27

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Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before grabbing a copy of Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR:

If you're looking to spend hours scouring the internet, reading through dozens of articles as you piecemeal information together, then sure, you'll probably be able to Google a few parts of this. The vast majority is proprietary information from a decade of recruiting HR & recruiting professionals at all levels. 

The Career Pivot Guide was made for you in mind! With 30 bullets you can copy & tweak on to your own resume, LinkedIn headline formula, and a caption-style About section, the hardest parts of writing are done for you.

The Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR says it all in the title. This was made solely and exclusively for those already in the trade or looking to switch into it. I wouldn't dare to waste your time (or mine).

Take it from 50+ wildly happy people who've already gotten their hands on CPG.

You're absolutely right. Looking for a new role can feel daunting. The BONUS Application Strategy will equip you with two techniques to start your search strong (and avoid burnout).

With the concise nature of the guide, it instills confidence through preparation so that you know you are putting your best possible foot out there. 


This is entirely dependent on the person and what areas they need focus attention on. The guide takes about 30 minutes to read through. Implementation varies, but using the done-for-you aspects, you can trim down writing an About section from 90 minutes to 5-10 minutes. 

Due to the nature of this digital download, no refunds will be given. However, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions relating to the information in the guide. I'm always a DM away.

Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're making a career change into HR or recruiting and want to do it right
  2. You're on the job market for the first time in years and struggling to update everything
  3. Committed to upleveling your career and putting the work in to have solid representation of your job history 
  4. You're unable to invest in a resume writer or career coach
  5. You struggle to write about yourself
  6. Looking to save time with done-for-you bullets and LinkedIn prompts 
  7. Ready to give your resume, LinkedIn and interview skills a revamp!

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of Career Pivot Guide for Recruiters & HR.

Just $27


"The CPG was a fantastic purchase. People will definitely get a great ROI from it. The LinkedIn section really makes filling out the About section less intimidating."

Performance & Reward Analyst

"I had a great resume, but the guide helped me reword much of my experiences at a more strategic level. There were many examples I literally copy/pasted, but did not feel as if I was going to have the same resume as the next person."

Human Resources Business Partner

"I wanted to make sure I was ready for my interviews and whatever was thrown at me. Thanks to this guide I had multiple offers and just recently started a new job!"

Sr. Benefits Manager

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