Secret to Avoiding Burnout In HR & Recruiting

One of the biggest misconceptions about human resources and recruiting is that it's a 9-5 schedule. In a decade of hiring, I've yet to meet an HR leader who works a 40 hour week.

It seems like every emergency is off hours and on weekends! The workload is often high and everything is a priority - which means something (and more like someone!) always is neglected or relegated to the bottom of the list.

Beyond the permanent on-call status, the emotional toll of being in hiring and human resources is high. When you're dealing with people's livelihoods, it can be particularly disheartening to always be the bearer of bad news. Whether that be terminations, write-ups, poor performance reviews, investigations or continually rejecting people for jobs. In hiring, only one person is getting the job - which means you are constantly letting people down for opportunities.

It can get soul-crushing real fast.

So when people ask me how to avoid burnout in HR and recruiting, I only have one...

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