5 Hacks to Put An End to Candidate Ghosting

hiring tips interviews Apr 22, 2021

After pouring your heart and soul into sourcing, interviewing, and the volleyball of scheduling, the day has come for that amazing unicorn candidate to meet with the client. You've been waiting all week for this...

... and then you get the email they no-showed for the interview. *gulp*

Or even worse, they've already met with the whole team, everyone loves them and poised to make an offer, only for the candidate to ghost.

Candidate ghosting is a recent phenomenon that has only steadily increased over the last few years.

The more we count on emails, texts, automation, and technology, the easier it is for candidates to feel disconnected form the interview process. The less invested they are, the easier it is to disappear without remorse.


5 ways to put an end to candidate ghosting in the interview process:

  1. Send confirmation emails for all interviews. Go the extra mile with supplemental texts wishing good luck first thing in the morning for scheduled interviews in the field....
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