5 Hacks to Put An End to Candidate Ghosting

hiring tips interviews Apr 22, 2021

After pouring your heart and soul into sourcing, interviewing, and the volleyball of scheduling, the day has come for that amazing unicorn candidate to meet with the client. You've been waiting all week for this...

... and then you get the email they no-showed for the interview. *gulp*

Or even worse, they've already met with the whole team, everyone loves them and poised to make an offer, only for the candidate to ghost.

Candidate ghosting is a recent phenomenon that has only steadily increased over the last few years.

The more we count on emails, texts, automation, and technology, the easier it is for candidates to feel disconnected form the interview process. The less invested they are, the easier it is to disappear without remorse.


5 ways to put an end to candidate ghosting in the interview process:

  1. Send confirmation emails for all interviews. Go the extra mile with supplemental texts wishing good luck first thing in the morning for scheduled interviews in the field....
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Secret to Avoiding Burnout In HR & Recruiting

One of the biggest misconceptions about human resources and recruiting is that it's a 9-5 schedule. In a decade of hiring, I've yet to meet an HR leader who works a 40 hour week.

It seems like every emergency is off hours and on weekends! The workload is often high and everything is a priority - which means something (and more like someone!) always is neglected or relegated to the bottom of the list.

Beyond the permanent on-call status, the emotional toll of being in hiring and human resources is high. When you're dealing with people's livelihoods, it can be particularly disheartening to always be the bearer of bad news. Whether that be terminations, write-ups, poor performance reviews, investigations or continually rejecting people for jobs. In hiring, only one person is getting the job - which means you are constantly letting people down for opportunities.

It can get soul-crushing real fast.

So when people ask me how to avoid burnout in HR and recruiting, I only have one...

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The 1 Underutilized Tool To Transform Your Candidate Response Rate

Frustrated by lack of communication from hiring managers?

Tired of not hearing back from candidates?

Switch up your communication tactics! Incorporating text into your arsenal is one of the most efficient changes possible.

Employed job seekers are checking their email after work and if they have plans, then that email you sent on Tuesday morning isn’t getting a response until Wednesday night. How many times have you had a candidate email back a week later apologizing for not having seen an email earlier? Not to mention all the emails that go to junk or spam folders (or promotions tab for those gmail users).

Likewise, unless your client or hiring manager is sitting at a desk all day, they are likely out and about. They are in meetings with their own clients and stakeholders. They can’t pick up a phone call, but will likely check a text.

While calls will generally get you quicker responses with older demographics, most millennials and Get Z avoid calls from...

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