Hey there! I'm Ally.

Business & hiring strategist.

Sushi enthusiast.

Dog AND cat lover.

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I'm Ally Barton, former corporate workaholic turned business consultant.


After nearly a decade of professional recruiting on both the agency and corporate side of large organizations (1.3k permanent hires & 11k+ interviews to date), I took that experience and channeled it into what lights me up with joy: helping small business owners in the career space transform their hiring & business strategy.

In August 2018, I felt there had to be more than my 80 hour a week Fortune 300 recruiter job. I wanted to feel a sense of purpose again. I started to dream about an educational platform dedicated to providing actionable advice to professionals in the career space.

A career shift and seven months later, I took the scary first step of creating AllyHires. The account shifted to a full business in February 2020 and I've served 100+ clients since. 

When not working with entrepreneurs and recruiters, I'm likely harassing my cats, grabbing sushi (ikura is my fav!), sipping on bourbon with friends, or talking my fiance's ear off. 

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